Tackle Review – N-Gen Serie

Niels van Vooren takes a closer look at the N-Gen Hooks.

The Ngen range from Proline consists of four hook types and are available in sizes 6 and 8.

The N-Gen 3: Is a short-shank hook with an inwardly curved eye. The eye of the hook is parallel to the hook point, therefore shrink tube is not needed; the hook turns quickly once the carp has picked up your bait.

PL1541-N-Gen 3-Size 6

Furthermore we have the Ngen 5: Personally this is my absolute favorite because of its pulling power and reliability. Its aggressive hooking ability is due to the straight shank and straight hook point and when finished with a little shrink tube it becomes a real killer.

PL1552-N-Gen 5-Size 8

Further, in the range we have the Ngen 7, a long shank hook for open water and winter fishing … my tip is, always use a rig ring to create an anti-blowback effect so that the carp cannot use the bait to spit out the hook. Finished with shrink tube, a hook I’m only too happy to fish with!

PL1562-N-Gen 7-Size 8

Last but not least we have the Ngen chod; this hook with an outwardly-turned hook eye has been designed for the chod and stiff hinged rigs.

PL1572-N-Gen Chod-Size 8

DSC_5151When playing fish like these you must trust your hooks for the full 100%.

Tight Lines,

Niels van Vooren.